Kristin is a writer, educator, and social media consultant. A graduate of the University of British Columbia, she also holds a Master of Science in Education and Social Policy, and a Master of Arts in Media, Technology, & Society, both from Northwestern University. As a doctoral candidate at Northwestern, Kristin taught Communication Studies, and was a Fellow at the Center for Leadership.

An early pioneer in digital homesteading, Kristin is well-versed in social media use, and her academic research focuses on identity creation and gender performance in mediated contexts. In plainer English, she studies how women and girls use digital media, and what the implications of that use might be. Her research explored how mommy-bloggers use digital media as a way of both performing and commodifying identity, recreating themselves online not just as individuals but as lifestyle brands through their use of digital media publishing and social networking platforms. She is currently at work on a project that connects digital identity performance and brand management.